Delta Girl

A little about me. Well, I won’t go into great detail, bless my heart, no seriously bless your heart, because you certainly do not want to hear the Scarlett O’ Hara-Gone With The Wind- drama that was my life while growing up in the the Mississippi Delta. I make light of it all on purpose.

I will, however, share the good stuff because the good has been the healing power behind the bad.

I was born in Yazoo City, MS in 1975. Yes, I’m just gonna go ahead and throw out there how old I am, only for context, however. Yazoo City is in Yazoo County and is pretty much “smack dab” (slang for right there) in the middle of the Mississippi Delta.

A lot of battles are fought there. And no, by no means am I talking about the civil war. I’m talking about battles with mosquitoes, battles with mean ol’ stubborn catfish you’re trying to catch out of the Yazoo River, drought, floods, tornadoes, poverty, battles for education funding, battles against satan and sinning, racism, against domestic violence, battles with the ghosts of Mississippi’s ugly past and for a better future. Many of these I personally fought while growing up there.

There are many towns like Yazoo City in the U.S. Those that once may have had a bright future but because of bad economies and other breakdowns in many states and the federal government they were led to their decline.

I lived right outside of town in the county area near a much smaller town called Bentonia. I knew there was only one way for me to go in Yazoo and that was OUT. So that’s what I did.

Blue Front Cafe in Bentonia, MS one of the oldest Juke Joints in Mississippi and literally right next door to where we brought my baby brother home in 1983.

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