No Coincidences

Do you believe that there are no coincidences? That, for one reason or another, situations work out like they do. I keep thinking, that this girl (me), from the backwoods of the Mississippi Delta, landed her feet on the ground walking the streets of Marina di Pisa near her middle-aged years for some reason. And while I’m here, I just might figure that out. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the wonderful serendipities along the way. Take this encounter for instance, my husband and I decide to grab a pizza before he has to jet into Pisa for work. He can’t even stay to sit and enjoy it. He grabs the to go box and runs. I’m stuck with one slice of the AMAZING pizza of which I could eat ten slices and a very yummy IPA. I’m in Italian heaven at the moment when to my raised eye brow should an English speaking female sit right in front of me. Am I curious, Oh, I’m curious. You best believe I’m curious. I couldn’t make out the accent. Was she a Brit? My husband and I met this lovely English speaking couple from Sweden the other day. Maybe she’s also a Swede. Well, one IPA down and later and my usual introverted demeanor dampened and I hopped over to make small talk. She was American, not only American but like me a Social worker. Not only a Social Worker but one that provided services for U.S. military families stationed at a nearby base. I was floored. But exhilarated. I had found a contact. As excited as I am about making new foreign friends. I’m just as excited about meeting Americans living abroad and sharing in their experiences. I’m a firm believer in no coincidences and I’m excited to see where this encounter leads.

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